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Open your store or home business now! Your technical support service team is ready. If you've considered e-marketing your services or products on the Internet, then we can help you avoid the high-pressure.*

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PC Training in our

Convert your 35 mm Slides to CDs - $.55 ea.
Enjoy showing Slide Shows to your FAMILY!
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DYMO LabelWriter 400 PR-For PC/Mac
Print shipping labels from your Outlook Address, Inc.

We are authorized to sell official Macromedia software.


Belkin Travel Surge Protector with Hidden Swivel Plug!


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Technical Consultants
Services: e-Marketing, Website Maintenance, Security, Email Management, Web/Office Programming, Forensics, Computer Training for PC/Win/Email & Office

Websites - We can help you! (ask us)
At the present time, approximately 80% of new visitors to a website arrive there by using a search engine. The remaining 20% of new visitors arrive by typing in the URL, by seeing or hearing it from other advertising media (they call it "targeted visitors") who will consider your pitch, read your information, maybe buy a product or sign-up. The "repeat" visitors arrive at your website by clicking on a stored Favorite or Bookmark and may enter on any webpage. Let us help you set this up.*

Web Project Manager - We can help you!
The Web Project Manager will scope and manage the implementation of new functionality and product enhancements on your website and mobile applications. Let us plan and manage multiple simultaneous projects that require coordination between Design, IT, Product Management, QA, Editorial, and Marketing teams.*

Website Programming - We can help you!
We can build your Guestbook, calendars, puzzles, games and custom calculators for your website. Many programs can automate your business process and keep those customers coming back!*

Email training - We can help you!
Organize your business email, communications, Address Book, print labels, send newsletters or bulk email, and take advantage of the new marketing strategies. Learn in your home or office.* Email questions here.

Product Inventory, Database Management, Shopping Carts - We can help you!
Do you have a variety of things that you want to sell on your website? We can serve your business. Whether you are auctioning merchandise on eBay, or only selling a few products from your home-business, our Internet experts can help you. We can show you ways to make the extra cash that you are looking for. if you could get your shopping cart page going and setup a Paypal account, you can market your products anywhere. Sit back and collect your money. *

Data Recovery, Forensics Services, Remote Backups - We can help you!
What if you suddenly lost all of your valuable data? We can recover those files (fully or in many cases extract your data to rebuild your lost files). What if your computer is running badly and you don't know what to do? This could be hardware failure. We can recover your files and burn backups to CD/ DVDs to save your valuable files. We can develop a backup routine for you on-site, take care of this for you remotely, or show you how to maintain your backups by yourself. Consultants await your calls.*

Personal PC Training in your home or office - We can help you!
Do you want to know more about personal computers? Would you like your own personal instructor? Are you having difficulty using your PC computer? Would you like to know how to use your computer in the privacy of your own home? Would you like a small house-party where you can invite your friends? We can do that for you and show you how to use your software, hook up your printer-scanner, and show you how to use various attachments.
We can come to your home or office and show you how to use your software. We can help you to get all of your computer projects organized. We will show you how to use the Internet safely, pay monthly bills online, and shop safely. We can advise you on computer upgrades and family setups. Seminars in your home or business on how to use your email, organize/ clean out your email, backup your email (especially important if you are a small business), and explain the rules of safe corresponding.*

On the Job PC Computer Coaching - We can help you!
We will coach your employees and improve their general office skills on-site. Save time on the job, perform your task easily, and learn how to use automation on the job. Personal Training is offered only in upstate New York, reasonable hourly or day fee + expenses, senior citizen discounts and house-party rates available. Email us with your request and be sure to include your telephone number. Seminars in your home or business on how to use your email, organize/ clean out your email, backup your email (especially important if you are a small business), and explain the rules of safe corresponding.*

Virus Detection, Removal and Updates - We can help you!
Is it getting difficult to go on the internet? Do you have some strange things going on with your computer? Spys may be stealing your passwords. Anti-virus programs may stop working. Or, you may accidentally pass viruses to your friends or family members in emails and infect everyone else. Our PC checkup service takes care of this on a routine basis for you. Site service is limited to upstate New York.*

Delete Your Bad Web, Removal and Fix - We can help you!
Contract services for a removal of any materials on the Internet that threaten your good image or social positions.*

Graphic Products - We can help you!
Other services include flow-charts, organizational charts, custom graphics, flash animations, architectural renderings & floor plans, ebooks (ask about our Authors Helper Service and Self-Publishing arrangements), and conversions of 35mm slides to digital photo CDs for family history and business sales presentations *

NetAddiction - We can help you!
For all computer users: It's not simply a matter of time spent on-line. The Internet is the crack-cocaine for the pornography addict, the online shopper, and the email addict.
We provide a test for online users to determine if they may be addicted to the Internet and assist you with counseling measures. Special consultants are available.*

Programming for Embedded Systems - We can help you!
Project modifications, stabilization, autonomous systems, full system design and development. Ask us about our current "smart" products! *

Women's Business Enterprise Certification (WBE): We can help you!
The Empire State Development has certified Martin Multimedia as a Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). This means that clients can use Martin Multimedia to meet their requirements of utilizing a percentage of Women Business Enterprises. *

* We reserve the right to select preferred clients and update our Terms and Policies at anytime without notice.


Christian Web Hosting Policies, and Service Agreement here.
Christian Employees available serve you.
*One Time Setup Fee 15.00 per account. Email questions here
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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